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Pioneer Point is surrounded by water on three sides with tall oaks shading the flowering redbud and dogwood trees.  Located about 12 miles west of Branson West and 30 minutes from Branson, residents can enjoy either the quiet beauty of country living or a day of shopping and entertainment in nearby Branson.
The well-kept homes on large lots are all unique in design and demonstrate pride of ownership.  The six community docks make lake use only minutes away from any Pioneer Point location.  Swimming, fishing or boating outings to nearby lakeside restaurants are just a few of the aquatic activities enjoyed by community residents.  Planned social activities enable residents to better know their neighbors and to strengthen the strong sense of community that exists in Pioneer Point.
The community is governed by covenants and Homeowner's Association by-laws.  A Board of elected Directors meets no less than quarterly to maintain the infrastructure of our paved roads, park, sewer and water.  The Board and volunteer residents on committees help ensure a worry-free lifestyle and protect property values of the community.